Diane M. Stefanick
In 2004, Diane began her work in Search and Rescue and in 2011 joined Northstar Search and Rescue serving as the units Chief. Her certifications include NASAR SAR Tech II, NFPA Cold Water Rescue Technician, EMT and is licensed as a DOT EMS instructor. Diane’s search and rescue background along with her skills and knowledge of the incident command system (ICS) structure allows Northstar Search and Rescue to work seamlessly with other emergency responders.
Diane’s educational background gives her the perfect opportunity to hone those skills through educating community groups and schools about wilderness safety, including K9 search and rescue. Diane has trained and certified dogs in Area/Wilderness searching, Human Remains Detection (land and water), Trailing, and Evidence Searches. She has two excellent search dogs, which she has trained across the U.S. upper northwest and nationally certified them in trailing and human remains detection (HRD), both land and water.

Shiloh is Diane’s current search dog, a sable colored German Shepherd, purchased from Collar Bass Kennels in Harris, Minnesota. She is a extremely high drive dog with an exceptional work ethic. Shiloh continues to excel as a search dog, with a number of finds to her credit.

Ross Butterfield

Ross Butterfield is the Deputy Chief of Northstar SAR Team and Medical Response Unit of Minnesota. He is an experienced EMT with national instructor certification, Minnesota EMT examiner status, and a HAZMAT technician. Ross has worked in public safety for many years as well as working as an EMT in a busy hospital Emergency Department. Ross holds NASAR SAR Technician II certification and is constantly looking for ways to enhance the Team.

K9 Bosco is a 5-year-old German Shepherd with extensive experience as a tracking/trailing dog, having been certified at 14 months with North American Police Work Dog Association, and re-certified every year since. Bosco has found many missing people in his career so far and lives to search, whether in wilderness or urban environments

Katelyn Croteau

Katelyn Croteau is the handler of Rebel. Rebel is a three year old Yellow Labrador Retriever that is certified in Area Search (160 acres) through the International Police Work Dog Association and Disaster through the National Association for Search and Rescue. Katelyn began training sporting breeds at her father’s kennel for hunt tests and field trials and has many years of training dogs under her belt. Katelyn is certified as a SARTECH II and First Responder and is currently employed by the Cook County Sheriff’s Office as a Sheriff’s Deputy. Katelyn is also the Founder and President of the Midwest Law Enforcement K9 Foundation a non-profit company which trains canines for single purpose detection and donates them to law enforcement agencies in need.

Mark Falk

Mark Falk is K-9 Kinsey’s Handler
Certified SARTECH 2 ( National Association Of Search and Rescue)
American Working Dog HRD level 3 certified

Rebecca Wessels

Rebecca Wessels has been training and competing at national levels in Obedience, Agility and Conformation since 1991
She is the handler of K-9 Ryder a 3 year old Weimaraner who is a tracking/trailing K-9

SARTECH 2 certification with National Association of Search and Rescue
NAPWDA ( North American Police Work Dog Association) certified trailing 9/26/2015
American Working Dog Association Certified 11/01/2015 type 2 trailing
Certified with Minnesota Department of health for PCA/ILS and Case management
UTS Sign Cutter certification in progress

Joseph Wressell

Joseph Wressell is the handler of Oakley. Oakley is a year old black and white Border Collie. Oakley is in training for Area Search and Disaster. Joseph is certified as a First Responder and is currently employed by the Minnesota State Patrol as a State Trooper

Heath R. Glassburn

Heath R. Glassburn
I retired from the Army in 2009 after serving twenty three years active service. I have a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Criminal Justice. I’m a current member of Northstar Search and Rescue. After joining, I completed SAR Tech II and Fundamentals of Search and Rescue Certification (NASAR 2016); this will allow me to assist in “call outs” for searches.
I’m the handler for two Golden Doodles that are one year apart. Cinder is a brown/black two year old Golden Doodle who has completed her Obedience, Canine Good Citizen, And is certified in tracking and trailing with American Working Dog. Sophie is a buff/white one year old Golden Doodle who has completed her Obedience, Canine Good Citizen, Basic Agility and is certified in HRD with American Working Dog. I met and married my wife Trish while in the military. We have 3 grown children. We enjoy our Doodles, camping, road trips, hunting both Archery and Gun, and hanging out with our extended family.
I am honored to volunteer in search and rescue; it’s one of the best ways to use my Army training and give back to the community

Lance Green

Lance Green has been breeding working dogs for several years as the owner of Emerald Wolf K9. He enjoys training dogs in all three venues of IPO (formerly known as Schutzhund) which are Protection, Tracking, and Obedience, as well as working in Ringsport as a decoy. Lance has a lifetime of wilderness experience as a hunter and holds NASAR SAR Technician II and III certifications.

K9 Partner – Kovu is a 6 year old Czech German Shepherd. He is a certified Wilderness Air Scent Dog and holds his Cadaver certification. He also has his BH in IPO

K9 Partner – Storm is a Dutch Shepherd. She is from our Nikki x Fury litter, bred in the Netherlands. She is currently certified in cadaver.

Field Support

John Dinnetz
Active Duty United States Navy
Aug 2002 – Present
Rank: Chief/E-7
Duty stations:
USS Ohio(SSGN 726):
-April 2003 – December 2007
-Primary Duties:
– Mechanist-mate
– Damage Control Petty officer
– Emergency Medical Assist Team
NRD Minneapolis:
-December 2007 – March 2011
-Primary Duties:
– Recruiter
USS Georgia(SSGN 729):
– Machinist-mate
– Damage Control Petty officer
– First lieutenant
NRD Minneapolis:
– Marketing and Advertising Officer

Saundra Urbacke
A member of the MN Army National Guard for 19 yrs, 14 yrs of them on Active Duty Orders. Deployed to Iraq 2009-2010. Qualified in Administrative Assistance and Supply. Also worked in Budgeting and Medical Administration.
Raven is a 4 yr old Doberman Pinscher, Trained in Obedience, Agility, Rally, and IPO. Raven has earned her Basic and Advanced Canine Good Citizen, Rally Novice, Beginner and Pre Novice, International and National Championship, as well as specific breed tests to include her Working Aptitude Certificate and Adult Temperament Test

Melissa Burns
Experience: Fire Department since 2014, Law Enforcement exploring program since 2010.

Training: First Responder, CPR/AED, Firefighter 1 &2, Hazmat Operations, Command systems ICS-100, NIMS management system IS-700, Community risk Issues and Prevention Intervention, Mass Emergency/Regional response.

Nicholas Davids
Anoka County Park Ranger Supervisor since June 15, 2015 – field operations, preventative patrol, medicals/missing persons searches, field training officer/FTO, and leading seasonal staff.
Spring Lake Park Police Department Reserve Officer since 6-2-16, Cso calls, assisting on medicals, domestics & varied calls. Patrol oriented.
Current Full-Time student with Metropolitan State University for Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice.

Prior service/US Army – 09’ Medical discharge while in training. Recovered fully

Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office Reserve Academy Graduate(2016)
Anoka County Certs – Skywarn Spotter, Narcotics Recognition.
Advanced First Aid/CPR, Dark Angel tactical self-aid & buddy care, Narcan cert,
On the job experience with real world medicals – especially rural areas with ACPR, major interest in improvised skills.
240 hours with MN Master Naturalist Program – certified in 3 biomes.